Hi there!

Unfortunately 12 days of actual plays is over, but thanks for stopping by. You can still look around to see what all went on and keep on eye on HSG's social media for info on any other upcoming events.


Big Asphalt (12/19/2020)

A session of Cyberpunk Red run by David Gillespie

Santa's Workshop (12/20/2020)

A session of Cyberpunk Red run by JonJonTheWise

Bite Marks (12/22/2020)

A session of Bite Marks run by Connor

NorthPoleLand (12/23/2020)

A session of Trophy Dark run by MRaichelson

Castle Falkenstein (12/26/2020)

A session of Castle Falkenstein run by WanderingDM

Clue! with Magic! (12/27/2020)

A session of D&D 5th Edition run by Taylor

The Vampire Tree (12/28/2020)

A session of Demon Hunter: A Comedy of Terrors run by Hugo from Death Die Club

Holiday Marines (12/29/2020)

A session of Nice Marines run by Andy

HSG Plays: Blades in the Dark (12/30/2020)

A session of Blades in the Dark run by MRaichelson

Mass Effect (01/01/2021)

A session of Cyberpunk Red run by Casey

The Worst New Years Party (01/02/2021)

A session of Vampire: The Masquerade, 5th Edition run by David Gillespie