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Unfortunately 12 days of actual plays is over, but thanks for stopping by. You can still look around to see what all went on and keep on eye on HSG's social media for info on any other upcoming events.

Clue! with Magic! (2020-12-27)

A session of D&D 5th Edition run by Taylor

July 1929 Chicago The country has seen a large economic boom during the 1920's and the soon to crash stock market is on no one's mind. It is the roaring 20’s! Prohibition is in full swing. Along with it, the 20’s has ushered in the Jazz Age! Flappers dancing the Charleston are as commonplace as speakeasies and séances! Our players have all arrived in Chicago. Some for work, some for pleasure, and some call the streets of the Windy City home. They all have one thing in common though. An invitation to a ritzy dinner party held at a mysterious mansion outside of town. While the location is an enigma -- each player has a personal vendetta against the sender. Curious as to what the reasoning of this spontaneous dinner party is - and the promise of enacting revenge - they all RSVP and make their way to the home.

Taylor can be found running and playing games with TheConSave on their Twitter, Twitch, and Youtube.