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Unfortunately 12 days of actual plays is over, but thanks for stopping by. You can still look around to see what all went on and keep on eye on HSG's social media for info on any other upcoming events.

Holiday Marines (2020-12-29)

A session of Nice Marines run by Andy

Through the combined might of the Celebration Federation, Winterfest Land has been freed from the entrenched forces of Halloweenville. You have beaten back the rebellious ghouls and ghosts who sought to seize Christmas for themselves! Congratulations! Unfortunately, the diplomatic Celebration Federation Delegation has been delayed due to very foggy weather, and will not be able to relieve your Battle Legion. With King-President Santa Clause due to return in seven days, it has fallen to your squad to establish a peaceful society and turn Winterfest Land from a war zone to a fully-functional community. This transition MUST BE PEACEFUL, but that shouldn't be too hard for the likes of you. It's not like you'll have to keep the peace between a city full of competing factions all vying to gain the upper hand in this fraught time... Good luck, Marines.